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Our modern philanthropic technology connects talented, passionate, socially responsible people with charitable causes that strengthen our communities.

With your expertise, energy and enthusiasm on a nonprofit board, it can do more, be more and help more!

Board Candidates

Combine your professional expertise and personal strengths with your passion for a cause. Giving a few hours a month to a cause that stirs your soul can make you a game changer in your community.


Use philanthropic technology to actively and easily find the qualified board members you need now. Save endless time spent networking. Screen and recruit the “time, talent, and treasure” you need in minutes.


From board basics to leadership training and more, get tools you’ll need on your journey to give back. Our Learning Center has resources to help board candidates and nonprofits start off on the right path.

Board Candidates, It Starts With A Clear Profile.

Tells us why you rock!

Are you an animal lover? Cancer warrior? Diversity champion? First, board candidates select all causes & categories that ignite your passion. Then showcase your skills… brag a little… and find your match!

Make Your Impact!

Nonprofits, Pour Your Heart Out.

Then connect!

Showcase your mission in your profile. Be direct about what your board needs now.
But do keep an eye to the future. Life happens, so check your matches often.
Don’t let a good board candidate slip away!

Recruit the best.

And Us? We’ll Be Busy...

Recruiting for you.

While you’re getting matched and connecting, NLI will be in the community enrolling a fresh flow of board candidates and causes. We’ll gently nudge matches to “make it official!” and bring expert training to you, while adding often to the Learning Center.

Knowledge is power.

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