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    Bestselling Author, Pulitzer-nominated Journalist, and Speaker


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    Bestselling author and Pulitzer-nominated journalist, Fawn Germer is one of America’s top speakers today because she brings to life the wisdom and mentoring advice from her personal interviews with more than 300 famous leaders for her bestselling books. Oprah found her book, Hard Won Wisdom, “very inspiring,” and you will too.

    Fawn has distilled insights from interviews with everyone from Hillary Clinton to Susan Sarandon, Jane Goodall, Meg Whitman, Nobel Peace Prize winners, Olympic athletes, Academy Award winners, CEOs, senior executives, and many others.

    Fawn is a main-stage leadership speaker whose message has been heard around the world for major corporations and associations. Among them are Coca-Cola, Kraft, PepsiCo, State Farm, Cisco, Frito Lay, and Ford Motor Co. She has also keynoted at Harvard, Wharton, and UCLA’S Anderson School of Business.

    Fawn contends that there is no special “success DNA” and all of us can achieve beyond our perceived limits if we set aside our self-esteem issues and tone down the negativity so we can dare to lead.

    Fawn is a four-time Pulitzer nominated journalist who has written for The Miami Herald, The Washington Post, and U.S. News and World Report. She is one of the nation’s most sought after leadership speakers and the author of seven books, including “Hard Won Wisdom, Mustang Sallies, and her latest, Pearls, which features the best quotes from all of her interviews.

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