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    Ed Ludbrook, aka The Network Coach, is the world authority on leadership within the unique environment of the direct sales/network marketing industry. Creator of the ‘100% Leadership’ approach, he has sold more than 2 million books and audio programs in 20 languages.

    The 60 million strong global direct sales industry has conditions not seen in any other organization and conventional leadership approaches produce little return on investment. Since 1994, Ed has passionately coached these network organizations across the world.

    Teaching leadership to the uncontrollable and under-confident commission-only mass of small business owners whose teams range from 50 to 1 million, often spread across many nations yet with no effectiveness models, has been a challenge and a professional joy for Ed.

    Ed’s leadership focus extends beyond direct sales into similar environments where standard leadership approaches struggle to be effective, such as hyper-growth organizations, customer networks, and volunteer groups. In these areas of unconventional leadership, the normal ‘command & control’ power that underpin most leaders influence are absent or weak. Areas where you have to more than ‘inspire’, you need to influence, direct, network and deliver without ‘the stick’.

    Ed was formally trained in Leadership at Royal Military College Duntroon, Australia which is the brother school of West Point Military Academy. He has had careers in the army, banking in London, and strategic consulting in London, before moving into the world of unconventional leadership.

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