Nonprofit Executive Program Helps Nonprofit Newcomer

Aug 25, 2017

Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. — Raelyn Barlow said she joined the National Leadership Institute, a nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting other nonprofits through strategies that help them run more like a traditional business, because she had reached a point in her life where she wanted to give back.

In 2015, Barlow accepted an offer to be President and CEO by National Leadership Institute founder and CEO, Gerry Czarnecki, with whom she had worked in the television industry. Czarnecki knew Barlow had produced numerous television and video fundraising specials for nonprofits, and thought her skills would translate to managing and marketing a nonprofit organization.

Barlow was charged with repositioning the National Leadership Institute’s services in South Florida, and soon realized she needed some help with the project. That’s when she applied and was accepted to the Jim Moran Institute’s Nonprofit Executive Program (NPEP), a world-class learning experience that teaches leaders of nonprofit organizations how to capitalize on business opportunities and turn challenges into strategic advantages.

“The Jim Moran Institute already had a great reputation, but what really interested me was it was the only program I found where you’re actually able to work on your own organization’s issues during class,” said Barlow. “Everything I was learning directly applied to specific situations we had at the National Leadership Institute.”

For example, just as Barlow began the NPEP, the National Leadership Institute received a grant from the Sanford Institute of Philanthropy to continue its core mission of supporting nonprofit education and training. During each NPEP class, Barlow received help creating and outlining a strategic plan to identify deliverables that would satisfy all the grant’s requirements.

“I learned so much and still use bits of knowledge I picked up in the NPEP every day,” said Barlow, who graduated from the NPEP in spring 2017. “But getting great guidance and advice on crafting an overall strategy and applying a strategic plan to the grant we received was huge.”

Since participating in the NPEP, Barlow says she has noticed a direct increase in the attendance of National Leadership Institute events. She credits this to the marketing strategies she learned and connections she made with peers during the NPEP.

“The support from my NPEP classmates at our events has been outstanding,” said Barlow. “You really build a bond with your peers that lasts beyond the program.”

As a result, Barlow joined one of the Jim Moran Institute’s Peer2Peer programs in South Florida. Exclusive to presidents, owners of established businesses and nonprofit leaders, the CEO Peer2Peer Groups provide an avenue for sharing insights about challenging situations, topical issues and solutions to problems with peers. Barlow meets with her group once a month.

For more information and to apply for the Nonprofit Executive Program, Small Business Executive Program, and the Jim Moran Institute’s South Florida Operations, contact Courtney Mickens at, 954-399-2849 or visit us at

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