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    JoAnna Brandi, The Customer Care Coach

    Boca Raton, FL – October 18, 2016

    There’s nowhere to go and nowhere to hide. The media doesn’t miss a moment of this horrendous, degrading and R-rated election process.

    Even if you try to stay away from it, it’s almost impossible. This polluted version of an honorable process is being served up in the airports, in restaurants and all over social media.

    I (yeah, me, the happiness coach) find myself wanting to turn on the TV or turn my browser to the news so I can catch the daily digs our two now undignified candidates threw at each other that day.

    What the ….? I know this is not good for me – or my positive energy.

    For many people a larger portion of their day is now being wrapped up in negativity as the mudslinging gets worse. It’s stunning to me how addictive it’s becoming.

    Please be careful, very careful.

    As a Positive Leader (and Positive Energizer!) you influence those who create experiences for your customers. When you are exposed to too much negativity your personal “Positivity Ratio” drops. You get sucked into the polluted waters of continual opposition and you too begin to look for things that are wrong.

    Yikes! That’s just the opposite of how a Positive and Customer Focused Leader thinks!

    You look for what’s right and turn your attention to your strengths and the strengths of others as well. You look for things to appreciate and recognize. Don’t you?

    67% of your ability to be successful leader depends on your Emotional Intelligence. If there was ever a time to pull it out of the closet, it’s now!

    Remember. People want to feel appreciated, valued, connected and important. They want to feel confident, supported, acknowledged and recognized. They want to be part of something they believe in. They want to feel respected and trusted, challenged and accomplished. You can only deliver that when you feel good about you. It’s a good time to think about mindfulness and how you can mindfully keep that positivity ratio high.

    In what can only be thought of as the “upcoming chaos” in the next few weeks I want to ask you to be particularly mindful of what you are broadcasting.

    What emotions are you broadcasting to your people? How’s the culture doing? Are most people happy to be at work focused on a worthwhile endeavor? Is the negativity of “outside world” creeping in to your company?

    Oh yes, and remember this: Incivility and toxicity in the workplace breed poor performance.

    As culture degrades so does effort. In a toxic culture you’ll see 48% intentionally decreased work effort, 38% intentionally decreased quality, 80% lost work time worrying, 66% decline in work performance along with damaged customer relationships and low creativity*. Just sayin’

    Practice positivity,


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    *Source: HBR.org



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